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Fibreglass flat roof


Whether you are having an Extension that requires a new Flat roof or are unfortunate enough to have to renew an old Felt roof then Martin Sayers Building Services has the answer.............and a guaranteed answer too..


Permanent Flat Roofing Solutions.


Domestic & Commercial Flat Roofs.


Roof Gardens, Balconies & Terraces.


10 - 25 Year Guarantees.


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Fibreglass will last much longer than felt and provides a solid surface

Felt is essentially soft and can be easily punctured.


Fibreglass is available in many colours.

Felt isn't.


Fibreglass is seamless.

Felt isn't.


Fibreglass is cold applied and therefore there are no fire risks.

Felt isn't....Unless of course it is cold applied felt then you can have the worst of both world's!


10-25 Year Guarantee


Please contact us for Survey and Estimate





Q. Can I have my balcony covered with fibreglass? Will I still be able to use it?

A. Yes, our fibreglass flat roof system is ideal for balconies. When installed you will be able to walk on it and we can supply it with a non-slip finish.

Q. Which is best for my flat roof EPDM Rubber Membrane or fibreglass?

A. Both roofing systems are resistant to atmospheric pollution, UV light, ozone and acid rain. But fibreglass comes out ahead, you can walk on it and it has very hard durable surface. Rubber, on the other hand, has no intrinsic weight bearing strength and can be more easily punctured. The glue used in rubber roof installations can also break down and deteriorate over time. If you want the best flat roofing system then choose fibreglass."

Q. My new fibreglass roof looks great now but is keeping it clean a problem?

A. Not at all. You can stand on the roof and brush it clean or even use a high-pressure water jet if you need to. This is certainly not recommended for felt roofs.

Q. Can I place a ladder or steps on Fibreglass roofing.

A. Yes, without fear of puncturing it.

Q. Can I place a ladder or steps on Felt roofing.

A. Absolutely NOT.



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