Our Damp-Proofing & Timber Services include:-



There are many and varied reasons why a property can be affected by Damp.




There is no doubt that it exists, but the reasons for it can be numerous. There does exist a school of thought that Rising Damp is the invention of Damp-Proofing Companies. There is no truth in this assertion, but most companies are only too willing to sell you a  Chemical Damp-Proof course without trying to rectify the source of the problem. High ground water levels and many other Building Defects should be investigated before you embark on this often unnecessary work.


Here at Martin Sayers we offer cost effective Inspections/Surveys to ascertain the cause of the problem.




A major source of Damp, particularly in older properties is one of Penetration.


This again can be caused by many building defects and often not from just one source.


From the top down just a few possibilities:


Broken/Damaged/Loose Eave Slates or Tiles allowing the passage of water into the top of the wall or cavity.


Defective guttering.


Cracks around window Lintels or Cills. Poorly throated or fitted Window Cills.


Defective Joinery. Poorly fitted Replacement Windows.


Defective pointing to Masonry.


Defective or detached Rendering.


The list above is not exhaustive, it just indicates some of the possibilities.


We offer cost effective Inspections/Surveys.




Condensation can be one of the worst forms of Damp and you may be inadvertently causing it or indeed contributing to it.


Bathroom: When you shower or bath do you have an extractor fan running thereby exhausting most of the moisture to the atmosphere?


Kitchen: Do you have an extractor fan turned on in the Kitchen when  those pots are boiling away?


Utility:  Is that Tumble Dryer correctly vented to the outside?


Condensation: May well be a factor of modern living.  Modern houses are subjected to (in our opinion) excessive levels of insulation and some new properties are actually tested for air tightness!!  It seems that the powers that be are determined to subject us to ever increasing levels of insulation in their quest to reduce heating with fossil fuels and thereby reducing carbon emissions.  This of course is admirable, BUT is should not be at the expense of healthy living.  Without a free flow of air, Condensation can become a serious problem.


We are led to believe that Asthma is on the increase in children. There may be a number of factors for this, but it will not be helped by the lack of fresh air.


If you are experiencing Condensation problems then allow us to provide a cost effective Inspection/Survey.



Through insufficient ventilation or heating, excessive steam from cooking or incorrectly vented tumble dryers.


Visible Effects may be: Fungus and Mould growth. Musty smells. Moisture covering surfaces.


Timber Treatment:


We offer Timber Treatment services to prevent further attack of Wood Boring Beetle and treatment for Wet and Dry Rot Infestations.





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